From Chloe to Fendi .... New Year, New Bag
Απο Iliya Constantinou
Δημοσιεύθηκε: 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2016

Υπαρχει μια μεγαλλη επιλογη απο τσαντες σημερα. Τολμηστε στην επομενη αγορα σας, και αγοραστε μια τσαντα η οποια θα ειναι διαχρονικη.

It's a new year meaning that its probably about time that you do yourself a favour and dump that Neverfull (right) and Speedy (left) Louis Vuitton bag that you have been using for the last 3 decades.

Many people when wanting to purchase a new handbag automatically go towards Louis Vuitton, simply because they are familiar with the classic monogram which the brand is so famous for.

The reason as to why the Neverfull and the Speedy are such popular bags is because they are excellent day bags and are able to be stuffed to the brim. However many forget that there are other brands out there that have bags which serve the same purposes but in a more understated way.... and if you don't have thousands to keep buying handbags, understated is the way to go.

Celine is a a French fashion house and was one of the first luxury brands to be created. The creative director of the house is Phoebe Philo who managed to turn the brand around. Before she came to the helm of the company Celine was suffering economically. She changed the aesthetic of the brand making it minimal and cool, yet still upholding its elegance and long history.

The Phantom Bag (centre) is one of Celine's most famous bags. The demand for the bag has gone down since it was first released by Celine, however it is not always about following the current trend. You can find it in hundreds of different colours and materials.... and is one of the most convenient bags. The Belt Bag (left) is one of Celine's more recent designs. It has not been in such high demand as the Phantom has however owning it would make you unique. (Celine bags also have good resale prices... if you ever want to sell).

Celine are also famous for their Trapeze Bag (right). Not recommended as they rarely hold their shape because of their soft leather.

At the moment Gucci can do no wrong. Ever since Alessandro Michele took over from Frida Giannini he has completely transformed the brand. He has made it more appealing for younger customers and brought prints and the Gucci monogram back into fashion.

The monogram bag and the brown suede bag is called the Dionysus bag, named after the Greek god Dionysus. It is by far one of the hottest bags right now and can be used as a day bag as well as an evening bag. It is smaller than the Celine bags however surprisingly fits a lot !! The brown leather Marmont tote is one of Michele's newest bags which evokes old style glamour.

If your not a handbag fanatic you probably haven't heard of the brand Bottega Veneta. It is an understated fashion house that prides itself on quality rather than popularity. Their bags are famous for their light weight and beautifully unique shapes. However they come at a price due to the fine craftsmanship needed in every bag made.

Or you could go totally British and invest in a Mulberry. Mulberry pride themselves on being British and are usually quite rare to spot when walking down the street outside of the UK. Their classic and famous shape the Bayswater (left) are commonly used as work bags. Recently model Cara Delevingne designed her own line of bags which are fun and can be worn as backpacks as well as hand held bags.

Some other choices are (Yves) Saint Laurent bags .... famous for their grungy biker look.

(From left to right ) Stella McCartney Falabella Bag, Chloe Faye Bag, Fendi Peekaboo bag.

Whatever bag you buy you should buy one that is timeless and however many times you use it you never get bored of it.