A Dolce & Gabanna Modern Day Princess
Απο Iliya Constantinou
Δημοσιεύθηκε: 07 Απρίλιου 2016

Η εταιρια Dolce and Gabbana εχει αναδημιουργήσει το νόημα 'να είσαι μια πριγκίπισσα'. Μια πριγκίπισσα δεν είναι πλέον μια πλούσια κυρία από μια πλούσια οικογένεια, αλλά μια ισχυρη γυναίκα.

When we think 'princess' we think of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. What they all have in common was one, they all fell in love with a handsome prince and two, they were all very beautiful women wearing huge ball gowns and long flowing dresses to represent their beauty. 

These are the stories which Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana used to inspire their Autumn/Winter collection. However whilst these fairytales played a huge role in the collection, they used the stories to inspire more the graphics on the clothing -for example the tower that appears in the story of Rappunzle has been sewn onto a dress - rather than the shapes of the clothes. However Dolce and Gabbana have reinvented the typical prototype of what a princess is.

Looking at famous Princesses today (and a few of the past)  such as Princess Kate Middleton (United Kingdom), Princess Caroline (Monaco), Princess Grace of Monaco and Princess Diana (UK) whilst they all may be beautiful they also share/shared another feature. They are/ were all strong women  who fought and fight for what they believe/d in. Before Diana married Prince Charles it was unheard of a 'commoner'(what she was considered to be at the time) to marry into the royal family. She fought for topics she was passionate about such as the well being of children as well as AIDS which at the time was a controversial topic.

Whilst there is undoubtedly an etherial and magical feel to the collection there is also something rather powerful in the number of tailored jackets and suits we saw come down the catwalk. In Dolce and Gabbana's mind princess is no longer associated with just the aristocrats and 'damsels in distress', it also refers to a powerful working woman.

However whilst there may have been a considerable number of jackets on the catwalk, there was no lack in beautiful 'princess' dresses.

Dolce and Gabanna have been taking their brand in a new direction giving their clothes an elegant yet fun aesthetic.In the 2013 F/W collection D&G showed a collection inspired by icons whilst in 2015 showed a collection inspired by 'family'.

Gabanna stated before his 2016 Milan catwalk show that 'Fashion makes people dream' a statement that fundamentally sums up, not only his beautiful collection but also his brand as a whole.